Bilstein Clubsport

Bilstein Clubsport

Bilstein’s ultimate coilover offering, the BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension kit is a coilover package that has been designed for uncompromised performance in the fields of racing and clubsport. The BILSTEIN Clubsport coilover combines Bilstein’s mono-tube gas pressure technology with the highest levels of motorsport engineering to create the very best motorsport suspension solution.

The BILSTEIN Clubsport coilover features an enormous level of adjustment with 100 setting variations that can be selected and experienced. The 2-way adjustment system features an integrated reservoir rather than external reservoirs, providing the necessary weight advantage to stay competitive as well as offering the added benefit of increased installation space.

Using two easily-accessible adjustment wheels, both rebound and bump force can be adjusted independently with clear click resolution and colour-coding for easy differentiation and accurate adjustment. The red wheel adjusts rebound force whilst the blue wheel adjusts bump force. Ten settings of adjustability are available for both rebound force and bump force which can be chosen within seconds, making instant back-to-back set-up and testing an absolute breeze.

An aluminium uniball supporting bearing allows for camber adjustment, allowing you to select the perfect setup for competition on any track, race and weather condition to suit every driver and vehicle characteristic.

These setup changes can be made in the BILSTEIN Clubsport coilover’s installed state, all without the need for any additional tools.

The BILSTEIN Clubsport coilover has been constructed and fine-tuned under race conditions to ensure maximum performance and durability – and with a German TÜV-certification, you can be assured of the highest level of quality and safety. 

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