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Bilstein Rear Shock Absorber



Bilstein Australia provides the finest quality shock absorbers which are made available in different specifications for the different vehicles available in the market, including your Toyota Landcruiser. With its 40 years of knowledge in the suspension industry, Bilstein offers a broad selection of B6 Offroad shock absorbers as a perfect upgrade for your 4WD. The easy to bolt-in design and long service life makes the B6 Offroad rear shock absorber an ideal choice for 4WD vehicles like Toyota Landcruiser BJ40, BJ42, HJ45, HJ47 (1974 - 1984).

The 40 series factory suspension of the Toyota Landcruiser BJ40, BJ42, HJ45, HJ47 (1974 - 1984) has a flexible spring shackle in the rear. Though the suspension is good enough to keep this 4WD firm on the ground, a rear B46 0258 from Bilstein allows the impact of a rough road to be better absorbed and creates a more natural suspension flow over pot holes and bumps at higher speeds. The rear B46 0258 shock absorbers will let you experience a smoother ride and greatly improved control.

Designed with mono-tube upside-down technology for better performance you get greater control on the highway with less wandering. Bilstein B6 shock absorbers are highly demanded in the automobile industry, as they reduce the effect of travelling over rough ground, leading to improved ride quality and vehicle handling.

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B46 0258

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BJ40, BJ42, HJ45, HJ47 (1974 - 1984)