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Bilstein Rear Shock Absorber



Offered by Bilstein Australia, the B6 Sport shock absorbers are the perfect choice if you're looking to replace the shock absorbers in your WX Nissan Pathfinder. Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorber offer a range of improvements over the standard suspension ensuring an all-round better drive over the vehicle's factory suspension. Bilstein B6 shock absorbers provide consistent performance for years and years thanks to a long service life.

Developed as a direct fit for the rear of your WX Pathfinder, Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorbers possess a simple installation process and with the added benefit of being able to retain the factory springs.

The WX Nissan Pathfinder was introduced in 1996 as the namesake's second iteration. It offered everything that the original Pathfinder did albeit in a more modern package. Being a practical mid-sized 4x4, the WX Pathfinder became a popular choice for those looking for a family SUV that was capable enough off road to take on family trips off the beaten track.

The Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorber offers a wealth of upgrades in handling performance over the factory shocks. A set of B6 Sport shock absorbers will ensure improved handling dynamics for your WX Pathfinder under all driving conditions. Thanks to Bilstein's gas pressure technology and monotube construction, the B6 Sport shocks offer optimum road adhesion, enhanced lane change stability as well as an increased load carrying capacity. Overall, this means a superior driving experience across all conditions, whether it be staying on the black top, venturing off road, or even towing or hauling heavy loads.

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BE5 2345

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WX 4WD (1996 - 1998)