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Bilstein Rear Shock Absorber



Released in 1995 as part of the models second iteration, the R50 Nissan Pathfinder offered everything that the first generation Pathfinder did in a more refined, modern package. The R50 Pathfinder was a practical mid-sized 4x4 that possessed an impressive degree of rugged capability. This of course made it a popular choice for families looking for an SUV that was practical enough for day to day use and capable enough for those weekends away.

If you're looking at upgrading the shock absorbers on your R50 Nissan Pathfinder, look no further as Bilstein Australia offers the perfect suspension solution. The Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorber offers an array of handling improvements over the Pathfinder's factory suspension, making for an all-round better driving experience. Thanks to a long service life, the B6 Sport shock absorbers will continue to offer consistent performance for years to come.

The Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorber has been designed to fit directly to the front of your R50 Pathfinder. Including all of the necessary collars, you can expect a straightforward installation process and as an added benefit, the factory springs can be retained.

Upgrading to a set of B6 Sport shock absorbers ensures improved handling dynamics for your R50 Pathfinder across all driving conditions. Thanks to Bilstein's gas pressure technology and monotube constructions, the B6 Sport shock absorber provides a range of handling performance improvements. These include optimum road adhesion, enhanced lane change stability as well as a higher load carrying capacity, making your R50 Pathfinder more effective across all applications.

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B46 1036LT

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R50 4WD (1995 - 1998)