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Bilstein Rear Shock Absorber



Bilstein shock absorbers are known for their innovative technology and high quality. The Bilstein 4X4 shock absorbers come with the mono-tube gas pressure 4x4 shock absorbers technology. The performance of a 4WD off road vehicle largely depends on the performance of its shocks. The suspension system gets a major uplift when the Bilstein shocks are used.

The Bilstein 4x4 Shock Absorbers for Mitsubishi Triton ML, MN, 4WD (2006 - 2014): Rear B46 0258 is a perfect partner for the vehicle. It renders great control and stability to the car. The other advantages of using the Bilstein B46 0258 on your Mitsubishi Triton are precise handling and unmatched driving comfort.

The Bilstein shock absorbers in Australia also help to increase the load carrying capacity of the vehicle. As a result, car starts performing well under off-road conditions. Bilstein's mono-tube upside-down technology makes sure that your Mitsubishi Triton ML, MN, 4WD (2006 - 2014) can negotiate any road safely.

Bilstein Australia, well known for its innovative technologies, offers more damping power in the form of its 4X4 shock absorbers. Available for both the front and rear, these B6 Off-road shock absorbers comes with the best mono-tube gas shock absorber technology. It makes the car more stable and safe to drive.

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B46 0258

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ML, MN, 4WD (2006 - 2014)