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Bilstein Rear Shock Absorber (Eye/Eye)



The performance of a four-wheel drive, especially an SUV, largely depends on its suspension. Sometimes, the factory fitted shock absorbers are found inadequate to meet the challenges of riding along a rough terrain. An upgrade to a good quality suspension is a sure way to improve the driving experience of your off roader. Bilstein Australia, well known for its innovative technologies, offers more damping power in the form of its B6 Off-road shock absorbers. Available for both the front and rear, these B6 Off-road shock absorbers comes with the best mono-tube gas shock absorber technology.

The Kia Sorrento XM (2009 - ), manufactured by the South Korean manufacturer Kia Motors, can benefit from the Bilstein B6 shocks in Australia. If fitted with the Bilstein B6 off-road KIA SORRENTO XM (2009 - ) 24-191371front left, the car will enjoy better balance and less body roll and suspension. A perfect 4X4 shock absorber for the Sorrento XM, the Bilstein shocks improves the safety and performance of the car considerably.

The Bilstein B6 off-road KIA SORRENTO XM (2009 - ) 24-191371LEFT also helps to increase its load carrying capacity, making it perform well under off-road conditions. Bilstein's mono-tube upside-down technology makes sure that your Kia Sorrento XM (2009- ) can negotiate any road safely.

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