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Bilstein Rear Right Shock Absorber



An update to the BMW's flagship SUV, the X5 was introduced in first 2006. Offering everything that made the previous X5 so great and then some, the new and improved X5 was an instant hit. Providing impressive on-road handling and a wealth of space and comfort, it was a popular contender in the luxury 4x4 sector and made for a fantastic family tourer.

Offered by Bilstein Australia, the B6 Sport shock absorber is perfect for those looking for an upgrade over the X5's already impressive handling capabilities. Offering a range of benefits from optimum road adhesion to enhanced lane change stability as well as an increased load capacity, the B6 Sport shock absorber offers a significant improvement in handling performance over the standard shocks. This is thanks to Bilstein's gas pressure technology and use of monotube construction. They also provide a long service life meaning that the B6 Sport shock absorber will continue to provide consistent performance for years to come.

Even under loaded driving conditions the Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorbers maintain this increased level of performance. Even when hauling or towing around heavy loads, the B6 Sport shock absorber will continue to perform, providing you with an added sense of confidence behind the wheel and making for a safer, more enjoyable driving experience all round.

The X5's rear suspension design means that the rear right and the rear left possess different part numbers. The Bilstein B6 Sport shock absorber is a direct replacement on the rear right of your BMW X5. The standard springs can also be reused, making installation a breeze and assuring a perfect fit.

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BE5 E395 (RHR)

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E70 (2006 - 2013)