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Bilstein Rear Heavy Duty Shock Absorber



Shock absorbers are part of the suspension; they are designed to provide excellent road holding by maintaining the contact between the wheel and the road. But what happens if the shocks are worn and the vehicle's ride and comfort is compromised or if the factory fit shock absorber is deficient?

Here is where Bilstein Australia steps in. Bilstein's B6 Offroad shock absorbers are hard wearing and long lasting and are built for most popular current and classic models. Developed to help to cushion vehicles on uneven roads, leading to improved ride quality and an increase in comfort, Bilstein's B6 Offroad shock absorbers are designed as an easy bolt-in upgrade with a long service life.

In June 1970, the Land Rover Range Rover First Generation (1971 - 1994) was introduced to the public. Though the vehicle did strike the ultimate balance between comfort and tough road holding, the suspension was not up to the mark. Bilstein Australia offers the rear B46 0253 for the rear of the Land Rover Range Rover First Generation (1971 - 1994) to improve upon its on-road manners.

Bilstein Australia has developed a range of shock absorbers for 4x4 vehicles that are perfectly adapted to the 4x4 drivers' needs. With Bilstein's gas pressure technology and monotube construction, the rear B46 0253 offers customers freedom to drive their 4x4 wherever they want to go.

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B46 0253

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FIRST GEN (1971 - 1994)