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Bilstein Front Shock Absorber



Bilstein Australia is an automobile spares manufacturing company specialising in the suspension systems of various types of automobiles. Their research and test wings help them in producing quality service parts that can be fitted on many vehicles without any difficulty. Bilstein spares are better than many of the OEM's factory fitted parts and make the vehicles better on and off the roads.

Many of the pickups and the utility vehicles of the reputed carmakers fail to perform up to their designed capacities due to their below quality suspension systems. If the shock absorbers are replaced with better ones, the hauling capacity and the off-roading capabilities of such vehicles will be drastically improved.

The Mitsubishi Triton MK 4WD (1998-2006) is a compact pickup from the Japanese auto giant. The off-roading and hauling capacity of the vehicle is limited because of the underperforming factory fitted suspension system. If the front shock absorbers of the Triton MK 4WD are replaced with the Bilstein B6 range product front B46 1794, the load carrying capacity, the off-roading capability and the vehicle controls will improve considerably.

After upgrading the front shock to Bilstein front B46 1794, a better damping performance and an increased service life are expected for the Mitsubishi Triton MK 4WD (1996 - 2006). The mono-tube and high-pressure gas technologies ensure smooth drives and improve safety while lowering and raising the pickup.

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B46 1794

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MK 4WD (1996 - 2006)