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Bilstein Front Shock Absorber



Shock absorbers are installed to receive all the shock impulse by absorbing or dissipating the energy. It allows the vehicle to travel smoothly on a rough ground and on bumpy surfaces and provides a comfortable ride.

If you are concerned about what type of shock would work best for you, all you need to do is to consult with the expert in this field. When it comes to off-road suspension shock absorber systems in Australia, Bilstein Australia remains on the top.

The B6 Offroad Shock Absorbers from Bilstein are engineered to provide the damping of the spring to prevent excessive flexing. Bilstein Australia also provides a variety of different types of shock absorbers, leaf springs and coil springs that that are produced for passenger cars and trucks. The Bilstein 4x4 shock absorbers continue to excel as they use mono-tube upside-down technology.

Launched in 2009 end, the Mitsubishi PB Challenger is a four-wheel drive wagon. The Mitsubishi Challenger PB, PC (2009 --) is fitted with double wishbone front suspension with coil springs. However, its offroad ability is enhanced if the front 4WD shock absorber was upgraded to front BE5 H842 + BRACKET. Designed to be an easy bolt-in upgrade, the front BE5 H842 + BRACKET is a perfect replacement shock absorber for anyone who wanted to cope with the tough Australian terrain without being out of its comfort zone.

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BE5 H842

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PB, PC (2009 - Current)