Bilstein Front Shock Absorber - AIR SUSPENSION



The Bilstein B4 series shock absorbers are high quality shocks to ensure superior handling of your vehicle. Using both mono-tube and twin-tube technology, Bilstein offers you some of the best shock absorbers in the aftermarket parts. The mono-tube shock absorbers from Bilstein carry a unique design that allows an ideal installation position or location.

If you are looking to upgrade your Land Rover Range Rover Classic with Air Suspension (1994 - 1995) front Steering Damper, then the Bilstein B4 Steering Damper BNE 6120 suits your requirement perfectly. The Bilstein twin-tube absorbers are of OEM quality and they reach you after extensive testing. An easy to install, the BNE 6120 from Bilstein Australia gives your car a noticeable improvement over standard twin-tube shock absorbers.

Backed by innovative technology, the Bilstein shock absorbers offer full damping power even while the shocks encounter extreme stress. The gas pressure technology of Bilstein has a faster responding piston resulting in higher traction and better handling.

The steering dampers ensure that the leaky and loose-feeling steering is thing of the past. Upgrade now with the Bilstein B4 Steering Damper BNE 6120 and feel the difference while driving around in your Land Rover Range Rover First Gen (1971 - 1994). You will be surprised how easily your 4X4 now navigates each turn and over every bump.

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