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Bilstein Front Shock Absorber



Released in 1988, the Ford Maverick was Ford's full blown 4x4 offering of the time. Sharing the same platform as the Nissan Patrol, there's no questioning the Ford Maverick's impressive capabilities off the road. With the amount of space and practicality it offered, it made for the ideal family tourer as well as making a fantastic bush basher. Great for taking out onto trips off the beaten track.

The Ford Maverick has become a popular vehicle for modifications over the years with many owners decking out their Mavericks for full-blown offroad use. When modifying a car to go offroad more effectively, suspension should be at the top of your list. Bilstein offers the B6 Offroad shock absorber for the Ford Maverick, boasting a wide range of handling benefits.

The Bilstein B6 Offroad shock absorber has been developed to improve handling performance across all driving conditions and do away with the hint of unwanted driving dynamics that are all too inherent in big 4x4s such as the Ford Maverick. Using Bilstein's gas pressure technology and monotube construction, the benefits are immediately apparent with an upgrade in performance over the factory shocks both on and off the road. As an added bonus, the B6 Offroad shock absorber also offers a greater load carrying capacity, meaning that you can tow and haul loads safer and more reliably.

A direct replacement for the front of your Ford Maverick, fitting a set of Bilstein B6 Offroad shock absorbers is fairly straightforward. With the ability to reuse the factory springs, the installation process is as simple as can be.

With a long service life, they'll continue to provide consistent performance that you can rely on, time and time again.

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B46 1266C

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4WD (1988 - 1994)