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Bilstein Front Comfort Shock Absorber



Bilstein's B6 offroad shock absorbers are the perfect companion for the Holden Rodeo. Bilstein has developed this shock absorber with an aim to offer better handling of the vehicle under all conditions. Thanks to the Bilstein shocks such as the B46 1738H2KK, you are now able to eliminate the unwanted handling dynamics present in the 4WDs like Holden Rodeo. Designed to be an easy bolt-in upgrade along an extended service life, this Bilsten shock absorber is perfect for anyone who wish to take their 4x4 further.

The Holden Rodeo is a vehicle that can handle the rough and tumble without much compromises in the areas such as handling and performance. This being an offroader, the shock absorbers have a big role to play to ensure the vehicle performs well. The suspension kit should be one that is able to handle the challenges of offroading. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to upgrade the 4wd shock absorbers earlier than anticipated.

Bilstein Australia offers the perfect option in the form of B6 Offroad shock absorber for the front of the Holden Rodeo. The B46 1738H2KK is the best option to improve the overall performance as well as the offroad manners of the car.

This replacement shock absorber results in a considerable improvement in performance of the vehicle. Featuring the Bilstein's mono tube up-side-down technology construction, the Bilstein B6 Offroad Holden Rodeo RA (2002-2008): Front B46 1738H2KK can improve your car's performance.

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B46 1738H2KK

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RA (2002 - 2008)