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Bilstein Front Comfort Shock Absorber



Bilstein's B6 offroad shock absorbers are the perfect companion for the Holden cars like the Colorado. A shock absorber designed to offer better handling of the vehicle under all conditions, The Bilstein B6 offers better stability to the car. Bilstein shocks such as the B46 1738H2KK offers improved load carrying capacity. It also eliminates the unwanted handling dynamics present in the 4WDs and guarantees more vehicle control. Thus, the B46 1738H2KK offers better handling and traction. Designed as an easy bolt-in upgrade along with an extended service life, the Bilstein shock absorber is perfect match for the Colorado.

When fitted with the Bilstein B46 1738H2KK, your Colorado will show a marked improvement in safety and performance without additional spring changes. Bilstein uses the gas pressure technology and the B46 1738H2KK comes to you after road and track tests for fine-tuning.

If you are looking for Shock absorbers in Australia, you need not look beyond our 46mm piston front shock for 4WD. Powered by a winning formula with over 50 years of development the 4x4 shock absorbers from Bilstein Australia are a perfect match for the Holden Colorado. While upgrading, B46 1738H2KK is the best option to improve the overall performance as well as the offroad performance of the car.

Featuring the Bilstein's mono tube up-side-down technology construction, the Bilstein B6 Offroad Holden Colorado (2008-2012) Front B46 1738H2KK can improve your car's performance drastically.

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B46 1738H2KK

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(2008 - 2012)