Custom Suspension

At Bilstein Australia we can custom build a shock absorber or complete suspension system to suit almost any application, new or old.

Our expertise covers everything from street cars, race cars, concept cars, offroad 4x4, rally cars, caravans and camper trailers. We can custom build shocks for non-automotive purposes with shocks for train pantographs, suspension bridges, light aircraft landing gear, industrial washing machines and even dance floors being just some of prior creations.

We have recently been involved in some interesting and very different builds. Two of these builds have been solar cars built by UNSW and UWS. For UNSW solar car “Violet”, we have built a custom MDS 2 way Coilover. Keeping weight in mind we built the suspension using an aluminium body. This car now holds a world record for the most efficient car in the world on its drive from Perth to Sydney.


For the UWS Solar car, keeping weight down was the absolute priority. The shocks we built utilises Bilstein bump stop rubbers as springs and weigh a total of 450 grams per unit with a total of 1.8kgs for all 4 units. Unfortunately the “off the shelf” shock from US/Germany was not built nor could it be shipped in time so we built this product in house. The car weighs a mere 178kgs with car and driver.


A few more examples of the more custom, non car related builds we have been involved in.

Telescopic damper; these are just your normal every day dampers that we can build to customer length as well as customer specified rates.

Pantographs; this is the device used to keep the electrical system connected to the live wires on top of the trains.

Suspension Bridges; the high demands placed on suspension bridges due to wind and heat expansion need a heavy duty damper to keep things like natural frequency in check. This is where our dampers come into play.

Stunt Vehicles; no other vehicle gets treated like a stunt vehicle. These cars are used every week day and night. The drivers need to be guarded from the harshness of the stunts while still being able to perform in front of the crowds. Plus the cars themselves need to be able to keep contact with mother earth, when their wheels are actually on the ground, and survive for the next show. That’s where Bilstein custom built damper shine.

Industrial washing machines; the spin cycle can get pretty unbalanced in these huge machines. We have built several dampers to combat this.

Water supply mains shut off valve; shutting off a tap in your house can sometimes cause “water hammer”. Imagine the pressure required to shut off a whole town’s water supply or redirect the irrigation channel on farmland. The water hammer from these sorts of things can cause major damage. We have built custom dampers as a solution to these issues.

Reusable satellite launch platform; launching satellites in a manner that is reusable is huge cost cutting method. Being able to reuse an expensive launch platform will save even more money. We have built damper that have gone to the edge of space and back again to land safely and be reused for their next mission.

Aircraft landing gear and rotor blade control; the aircraft industry requires nothing but the best. So many lives are in the balance when taking off and landing, as well as when you’re in the air. Building dampers for light aircraft landing gear and rotor blade vibration control is just another one of custom builds.

Camera mounts/camera car rigs; no one likes to watch a movie or advert where the picture is blurry due to vibrations caused when filming. Having a smooth camera mount or camera car is so important to the people that film these that they only trust one company here to build their dampers, Bilstein Australia. From hand held devices to golf carts and full size vehicles with remote boom operating cameras we have made all of the run or ride smoothly.

Camp trailers and off road caravans; we have custom built dampers for most of Australia’s leading off road caravan and camp trailers.

Wheel chair access vehicles; we build custom dampers for one of the largest wheelchair access vehicle manufactures in the country. Custom lengths and rates are of great importance for these vehicles ride and wheel chair access.

Dance floors/earth quake; we have built dampers to stabilize the motion of dance floors and even whole buildings in countries where earthquakes are a common occurnce.

Fork lifts; being able to customise to any length and rate helps when we were asked to build dampers to suit a large fork lift manufacture with product.

Prototype; not all our builds make it into production runs or onto the big screen. We have also built working prototypes for QANTAS baggage carts, Sydney Ferries gangway platforms, suspension chairs for boats and yachts,. 

If you are ever in need or would like to find out moreabout a design and build processes, please get in contact with us. We have a team of highly qualified engineers that work to develop these dampers and are able to assist with the majority of projects thrown at them.

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