4WD Adventure on Fraser Island


Much like how our German counterparts test Bilstein performance range on the grueling Nurburgring, we test our 4wd suspension on the grueling Australian landscape, of which we have 7.7million square kilometers to choose from!

We have done many trips around Australia, testing and developing our B6 off-road & B60 range, from the Victorian highlands & snowy alps to desert highways in Alice Springs, Purnululu Ranges to driving across the Nullabor and all the way to the Cape York Tip!

This adventure, we decided to tackle the worlds largest sand island, Fraser Island! This time, we brought a few Bilstein equipped friends along with us.
The Island offers a massively diverse range of challenging off roading, with 80kph beach driving with lots of sudden dropouts and undulating sand, cutting through into the rainforest with narrow technical tracks around Lake Mckenzie. Then you have the challenging extremely soft sand, muddy dips and driving over rocks such as Ngkala Rocks. The Island is notorious for claiming 4wd’s every year, you really are at the mercy of the un-tame mother nature.
Unfortunately, during our time on the island, mother nature paid us a visit. For 3 days we experienced over 300mm of tropical rain and unrelenting winds, making many inland tracks un-passable. Safe to say we hunkered down and waited for the weather to pass.


With the weather mostly cleared up, we took the opportunity to get out and put the cars to the test.
Suffice to say the Bilstein shocks soaked up the terrain and held true, giving the drivers confidence in their 4wd’s.
The power of the mono-tube shocks shined, no matter what we threw at them. The B60 shocks not even breaking a sweat, only slowing down at the risk of breaking other components on the cars.



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