Bilstein Australia's Outback Adventure Pt.2

The Bilstein Australia's Outback Adventure comes to an end!
Its time to look back on the 12,000km trip through the heart of the outback in the Bilstein B60 equipped Toyota Prado 150 series.


(This trip was primarily a family holiday, so all the footage and images were taken in what spare time was had during the trip.)

From where we left off in Part 1, relaxing on the beaches in Broome - We headed north east through the Kimberly along Gibb River Rd all the way up to El Questro Station in Durack W.A, where it's not far from crossing back into the Northern Territory after 2500km's of cruising around Western Australia.



xDSC00643Relentless corrugations for hundreds of km's at a time, with large wash-outs hidden among the smaller ruts.

From Durack, we head fairly straight across the Northern Territory to follow the coast line around the Gulf of Carpentaria back into & through Queensland.
As before, the Bilstein B60 taking all conditions into its stride as we transition from soft, sand-like dirt to hard corrugations to long sealed roads with wash-outs and plenty of pot holes.


Leaving the big red in the dust,  the scenery turns green with more soil than red dirt, sea views and a range of Big Pineapples, Mangoes, Bananas and Shrimp on a smooth highway drive following the coastal roads back to Sydney from Cairns!


Making the trip a far nicer and easier, the Bilstein B60 shocks were certainly put through their paces and passed with flying colours as expected! What better test for an Australian tuned off-road shock absorber?
It's also worth mentioning that there were 2 other suspension components getting put to the test on the same trip. The Prado was also equipped with H&R 4x4 lift springs front and back and also a set of the brand-new Polyair Ultimate series air bags which made towing the Nova caravan far safer, easier and more comfortable!

before and after

^Before and after of the front shocks / springs. Time for a clean!

^The Polayair Ultimate series bags looking a little dirty, but the tough Polyurethane construction making ease of the harsh conditions, running around 45psi with the caravan on.