The 1770HP KRANKI Ute

When you've got 1770HP under your foot, you need quality, reliable, predictable parts. A touch of the throttle and everything happens at the blink of an eye. For this Holden ute, certainly nothing is off-the-shelf, and to get as much of the 572ci Chevy block's power down, means going custom suspension.

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We started by building the custom mono-tube, gas pressure Bilstein shocks front and back, with a threaded body for height adjustment. Apart from the custom valving, the shocks are the same technology used in all mono-tube Bilstein sport shocks.

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Along with the Bilstein shock absorbers, we used H&R motorsport springs, this allows us to be able to easily change springs rates if ever need be.

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With the coilover's finished up, we moved onto the corner weight and alignment. Getting this to steer as straight as a 1770hp car can! It spends half of its time hanging out sideways with pillows of smoke anyway, its what its built to do! And it certainly does it well, putting on a show at the Sydney Powercruise 2018