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Bilstein Rear Shock Absorber



In 1996, Mitsubishi facelifted the second generation of their flagship 4x4, the Pajero. Beginning with the NK and ending with the NL in 2000, this update of the second generation Pajero saw a number of improvements and refinements as well as a update in the 4x4's styling, giving it a sleeker, more modern look, something that definitely resonated with fans of the Pajero. Of course, this update still offered the traits that made the Pajero so popular, with a tonne of space and practicality as well as being extremely capable when taken off the black stuff and off the beaten track.

Upgrading the shock absorbers of you NK-NL Mitsubishi Pajero go a long way in helping it perform better across all driving conditions. Bilstein Australia offers the ultimate solution in the B6 4600 shock absorbers. They provide a considerable upgrade in the 4x4's handling dynamics over the factory shocks, making for a safer, more enjoyable all-round driving experience.

The B6 4600 shock absorber has been designed to ensure a perfect fit for the rear of your NK-NL Mitsubishi Pajero and this, no further modifications required as part of the installation process.

Bilstein's implementation of gas pressure technology and use of monotube construction means the B6 400 shock absorber provides more precise handling, improved control and stability and of course, an increase in load carrying capacity. They grant a greater sense of behind the wheel confidence under all conditions, whether it be on or off the road and even under loaded driving such as hauling cargo and trailers. The Bilstein B6 4600 shock absorber also features a long service life, providing you with consistent performance for years to come.

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B46 1795

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NK, NL (1996 - 2000)